Pittsburgh women motivated by Lynn S. Manley's ‘Inspire to Conquer’


Pittsburgh author Lynn S. Manley says she’s been through a lot. She persevered, overcame many obstacles, and now has written another book to help women deal with life’s twists and turns, trials and tribulations.
“We always have these goals, like lose weight, or make more money, but we don’t have goals to, say, not get irritated, or to come out of bad relationships,” Manley said. “Things like not regretting your life, and not letting go of stuff. Those are just as important as losing weight and making money.”

The book, “Inspired to Conquer,” is available on Amazon.com, local Barnes & Noble bookstores and Bradley’s Books locations. Manley will hold a book signing Saturday, April 22 at Bradley’s Books at Pittsburgh Mills (2 to 4 p.m.) and Friday, April 28 at Barnes & Noble, Homestead Waterfront (6 to 8 p.m.). To contact Manley, e-mail staceytoots@comcast.net.
The 167-page book discusses certain topics such as “Missunderstanding,” geared towards women, hence the “Miss.”
“We as women, we misunderstand each other, or we get mad at each other over dumb issues. We don’t talk it through, don’t settle it,” Manley said. “Sometimes it’s serious misunderstandings, and sometimes it’s not.”
In the chapter, “Deal with getting older,” Manley said, “Women put on so much Botox and stuff and it’s unnecessary, (the chapter talks about) just accepting getting older, like a fine wine, loving it. We all complain about it and we don’t like it, but we must accept it. Love the skin that you’re in,” Manley said.
“Inspire to Conquer” also helps women cope with the lack of a father figure, Manley said. “The dad means so much, it messes up women (when they’re not around). They look for love in all the wrong places. The book talks about how you can go on without your dad, but it hurts.”


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