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Truth is . . . We may never know who the greatest baller of all time is. Clearly in the beginning no one ever thought they would see anyone better than Bob Pettit. Then along came Wilt “The Stilt” Chamberlain . . . a true giant of a man to be sure. In that same time frame, it’s hard to argue against Bill Russell’s eleven championship rings or Oscar “The Big O” Robertson averaging a triple double for a season. “Pistol Pete” Maravich did his damage in college, but it was major damage to be sure. All of you always forget the great Elgin Baylor, but you will find his name in virtually every category for NBA forwards. Magic . . . the name says it all. The immovable force also known as Shaq. The man who would be king . . . “King James” – LeBron is coming hard and fast. You can’t name the man who wanted to be Jordan . . . that being Kobe . . . the #1 tag and lord knows we may never, ever, ever, ever – ever see the likes of his airness, Michael Jordan again, but when you name the greatest of all time, you need to know these facts – this man never lost a high school game. He won three straight city titles, three straight state titles, three straight NCAA titles, NBA all time leading scorer, games played, minutes played, field goals made, field goal attempts, blocked shots, defensive rebounds, six NBA titles, NBA finals MVP – twice, six time MVP, 19 time All Star, ten time all NBA first team, five time all NBA defense first team, NBA Rookie of the Year. Well by now you know it’s Kareem Abdul-Jabbar . . . Look, I love M.J. as much as the next guy and yes he could fly, but man it’s hard not to proclaim Kareem the greatest of all time. (And the man can’t get a coaching job in the NBA . . . I’m just sayin!!!)
Truth is . . . Basketball players are leaving the Pitt hoop team like rats jumping off a sinking ship, but hold tight. The coach gets a second year.
Truth is . . . The Duquesne Dukes hit a home run when they landed Coach Keith Dambrot. Aside from being LeBron James’s high school coach, Dambrot brings yet another level of energy and old school enthusiasm. Let’s go Dukes. No really. Let’s go this time Dukes!
Truth is . . . You might be the only person in town over 35 years old that doesn’t know where to go on Friday night. So here’s the scoop. It’s on now, “Stompin at the Savoy” every Friday night – over 35 – $10 admission – cash bar – cash kitchen – streamline menu – valet parking – street parking – Dress to Impress – 50/50 – celebrities – prizes and surprises – and eatin . . . drinkin . . . and dancin the way it used to be.


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