Dr. Gloria Hill passes, and the Willie Stargell MVP Awards (May 10, 2017)


:10—Alright boys and girls, I’m back in the saddle. Let the games begin. In case you weren’tpaying attention, I was on the sidelines a few weeks giving you a few special reports. Remembering the Pittsburgh basketball legends and the amazing report for former Connie Hawkins League superstar Heath Bailey…so start the clock!
:09—I am deeply sorry to begin by bringing to many of you some extremely bad news. The     Pittsburgh community, the educational community and the tennis community is     mourning the loss of one of the area’s most beloved women, former Carnegie Mellon University professor Dr. Gloria Hill, who passed away this week from a sudden and unexpected circumstance. Rest in peace “Dr. Hill.” You are loved by many and will be  deeply missed. Our love and condolences to your family.
:08—An amazing coincidence that has been with me for the greater part of my life, if not  my entire life. My parents, Bill and Delores Neal, have been best friends with Ron and Lois Carter for over “50 years.” You kind of know the Carters. They are the parents of former L.A. Laker/Connie Hawkins and City League Hall of Famer Ron Carter. Well, Mrs. Carter’s mother, Annie, is Josh Gibson’s sister (now deceased of course).  So, given all the buzz around the now playing Josh Gibson opera, we have been treated to some fantastic stories about her Uncle Josh…absolutely fascinating!!!  (To catch up, go online to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article by Steve Mellon and be blown away! It’s titled, “Gibson’s Homecoming.”)
:07—Alright…okay…enough…you win! Zik, Booker, my old man, you all win. The man can play. I mean good Lord, he’s averaging 35 points a game in the playoffs and I’m still trying to figure out why Toronto bothered to show up, but just to keep the fire going, I’m still ranking the top five like this:  No. 1 Kareem; No. 2 Wilt; No. 3 Michael; No. 4 Magic, and No. 5 LeBron. Oh please shut up!
:06—I swear to you, I’m as big a Pirates fan as the next guy, but figure this…they’re trying to trade “Cole.” That leaves you two decent pitchers at best. “Glasnow” and “Watson.” McCutchen continues to struggle. “The “Mar-Tay Par-Tay” is on vacation. “Polanco” could barely play right field and now they throw him into left. The manager doesn’t believe in bunting and “Jung Ho” looks to be “No-Mo.” I’m just saying!
:05—I thought the Pens would beat Washington in six.  But to my surprise, and to all Pens fans, it didn’t happen on Monday night. I’m hoping they win game 7 on Wednesday (May 10) and advance to the conference final.
:04—I would give you a movie report, but there’s not a good movie within a thousand miles of here. And if you think Guardians of the Galaxy is a good movie, I now know why you live under the bridge…not that there’s anything wrong with that!
:03—The 43rd Annual Willie Stargell Pittsburgh MVP Awards Celebration is coming your way Wednesday, May 31 at the fabulous Savoy Restaurant, Downtown.  1. Seats are limited. 2. First come…first pay…first seat!  3. Tickets are $50…period. End of story. I don’t care if your last name is “Moses!”  So don’t call me!!!
:02—Here are the 2017 awardees for the Celebrating Women Awards:  Dr. Bonnie Tatar;    Margo Hinton; Stephanie Turman; Chelsa Wagner; Dr. Regina Holley. Willie     Stargell MVP Awards: Emmitt Miles; Omar Foster; Mayor Bill Peduto; Councilman Dan Gilman; Richert Stewart; Pitt Coach Pat Narduzzi. Pittsburgh Urban Officials Award: Richert Alsberry; Paul Dorsey; Ray Morton; Greg Smith; Dan Robinson. Connie Hawkins Summer Basketball League Hall of Famers: Eric Carter; Hosea Champine; Mark Halsel; Gary Nelson; Rico Appendanza; Shawn Harvey; Vince Lackner; Kenny Lewis; David Burris; Kevin Price; Corey Gadson; Joe Barlow; Brian Carroll; Coach Ringo Saunders.
:01—For all you guys that truly think you know more than the Steelers, who spend all day,     every day, evaluating talent, and you spend maybe five minutes, know this. T.J. Watt will  be great…it’s in the bloodline.  And James Connor will be your third down back. Take it to the bank!
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