Pittsburgh's own Vivian Reed dazzles in tribute to Lena Horne

VIVIAN REED (Photos by Gail Manker)

Pittsburgh native performed many songs from the iconic Lena Horne at the Manchester Craftmen’s Guild

Imagine sitting at a nightclub back in the early 1930s and experiencing the deep-rooted sounds of jazz by the incomparable Lena Horne.
On April 28, at the Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild, those sounds came to life through the amazing vocal chords of Pittsburgh native Vivian Reed.
Full of sass, jazz, soul and a deep down homegirl style, Reed has a unique ability to take her fans back to the time when music told a story of love, pain, strength and joy. On the 100th birthday of Horne, Reed’s distinctive manner of expression reached out to an audience that was honored to be the first to witness the captivating performance of “Vivian Reed Sings Lena Horne!”

STUNNING PERFORMANCE—Vivian Reed put on a show to remember at an event honoring the music of Lena Horne, April 28 at the Manchester Craftmen’s Guild.

Taking the stage in true star power, Reed welcomed “Old Friends.” The road traveled took on an in-depth glimpse into the life of Horne. The travels were not easy for Horne, but Reed possessed the talent to tell her journey in a way no one else can. Her admiration for Horne flowed through the audience like the deep melody that arose from within as she moved tirelessly throughout the diverse musical genres.
Reed, the classical songstress, didn’t hesitate to take on the importance of the civil rights movement in Horne’s life. Reed spoke of the scandal created by Horne’s interracial marriage to her beloved Lenny Hayton and the ensuing blacklist. With a voice as strong as the icon’s character, she powerfully performed the difficult times of Horne’s life, emphatically stating, “Lena was a survivor! She once said, ‘It’s not the load that brings you down, but how you carry it.’”


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