‘The Broken Ladder’ (Terri's Book Review May 17)

Simply put: inequality can kill you. And if you’re on a lower rung of that imaginary ladder, even your death will be unequal.
Oh, my, but the first three-fifths of “The Broken Ladder” is an eye-opener. In those pages, author Payne sets readers up with a plethora of statistics to support what he’s about to lay down; specifically, that inequality is worse than we think it is.
The last of this book is quite repetitive. It’s filled with the commonsensical, a rehashing of brain science with which audiences for this book are likely familiar, ending with a Kumbaya that really just barely matches the book’s original tone.
(“The Broken Ladder: How Inequality Affects the Way We Think, Live, and Die” by, c.2017, Viking, $2/246 pages.)
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