Taxes for some Fulton County homeowners expected to go up more than 50 percent this year

Fulton County property values will spike dramatically this year and, thus, so will property taxes, according to the Fulton County Board of Assessors. The assessments will attempt to reconcile the rising valuations with the improved economy over the last three years.
The increases – some in the double digits — span from Milton in the north end of the county to Chattahoochee Hills homeowners in rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods along the Beltline could also see increases of more than 50 percent.
Specifically, the median increase in value is 13 percent, according to preliminary numbers, but values in some neighborhoods rose as much as 79 percent. Of Fulton’s more than 2,300 neighborhoods, residents in 99 — or about 4 percent — could see their property values increase by 50 percent or more.
Officials said their assessments are making up for lost time.
“The 2016 digest, we did not do a residential review for 2016 so we have had to play catch up,” said Dwight Robinson, chief tax appraiser for Fulton County. “So those increases represent not just 1 year. It represents 2 or 3 years when nothing was done.”
Fulton County will begin mailing out tax assessments to homeowners next week. Those who disagree with their home’s value can appeal the assessment and file for different exemptions, like the Homestead Exemption, which could decrease the tax bill. Applications filed now will go into effect in 2018.


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