Pittsburgh comedy ‘Lotto: Experience The Dream’ sure to delight

WON THE LOTTO—Top Row; Sundiata Rice, Cheryl Bates, Corey Lankford. Bottom Row: Chrystal Bates, Kevin Brown (Photo by Lioness Photography)

What would you do if you hit the lottery for $99 million? Would you quit your job? Buy a house? Travel?
New Horizon Theater, Inc. rides out the fantasy with its season-ending play, “Lotto: Experience the Dream.”
Written by Detroit-based playwright Ciff Roquemore and adapted by Bryan Roquemore, the play is a comedy about a middle-aged water department worker who wins $99 million in the lottery with numbers from his sister’s dream. Confusion ensues as he discovers the effects money can have on his life and those around him.
The production runs June 1-11 at the Carnegie Library Auditorium, 7170 Hamilton Avenue in Homewood. Eileen J. Morris is director.
“We’re all striving to reach that big buck and when it comes we don’t always know what to do with it,” said New Horizon Theater Chairperson Joyce Meggerson-Moore. “In this play the family needed the money, but when it came they found they still needed something. This is the last play of our 25th season and during the last play of the season we always have one with music. This play is a hilarious, family-friendly comedy. I thought we could get whole families in for a big chuckle and to get some comic relief.”
The production brings together a talented 10-member cast, many of whom have performed with New Horizon in other shows. Moore is hopeful that the familiar faces on stage will strike a chord and fill theater seats.
“We have twice as many actors and production staff (more than seven technical people) than we normally have. Now we need the audiences to come out and support us. When they do support us, they leave the play laughing and chatting with each other,” Meggerson-Moore said.


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