Kevin Hart kills it in ‘Captain Underpants’ (Merecedes' Movie Review May 31)

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Comedian Kevin Hart and Thomas Middleditch team up as best pals, George and Harold, in “Captain Underpants.” Opening in theaters this Friday, June 2, “Captain Underpants” is an animated journey based on a popular kids novel about two friends making their comic character come to life after they hypnotize their principal.
In addition to Hart and Middleditch, Ed Helms, Nick Kroll, Kristen Schaal, and Jordan Peele lend their vocal talents for the cast. But, I could not help but to notice how Hart stood out from the rest of the cast.
Hart’s voice is already animated. Therefore, when you intertwine the workings of DreamWorks magic and a cute Black cartoon character, there’s no way you don’t instantly fall in love. Even my kids laughed at every little thing George did or said because they recognized Hart’s voice.
Hart has truly become a household name. From selling out arenas to box office success, Hart’s career has soared to unimaginable heights. The 37-year-old is fruitful in his personal life, too. A year into tying the knot with model Eniko Parrish, Hart announced via Instagram that the couple will soon be welcoming their first child together, a boy.
Hart is unstoppable and I am extremely happy for his good fortune. In his early years of stand-up, he was booed off stages. Now, it looks as if he is finally enjoying the fruits of his labor.
“Captain Underpants” is hilarious, including comedy for both adults and children. The film reminds me of “Shrek” (2001). Hart and Middleditch have the potential to be what Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy were to the “Shrek” film series. Just like you can’t have Shrek without the Donkey, you cannot have George without Harold. “Captain Underpants” can be Hart’s “Shrek;” a film series with longevity and continued success.
I don’t think Murphy has even touched his “Shrek” money yet, and I hope the same success can be had for Hart. No, I am not comparing the two. They are both great comedians, but the biggest Black comedians have seen their biggest success in arenas that you may have never imagined.
Bill Cosby went from stand-up to the world’s most famous TV Dad.
Steve Harvey went from colorful suits at the comedy club to currently hosting a hugely-popular daytime talk show.
Hart is next.
There’s no reason why “Captain Underpants” won’t see big success in the box office this June 2-4 weekend. “Captain Underpants” has a recipe for success because it is adorable, relatable, and packed with great talent.
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