Lifestyles Report …What’s cooking (June 7, 2017)


How many people are surprised that I love to cook? I always believed if you like to eat you should like to cook. I have a great collection of cookbooks and I recently added a new one to my collection. “Sweetie Pie’s Cookbook” Soulful Southern Recipes, From my Family to Yours by Miss Robbie.
Maybe you have watched the reality show “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s.” On several episodes of the show they showed Miss Robbie going back and forth to the publisher while working on the book. It was nice to see her business evolve from one restaurant to many restaurants, and to see her products like the sweet tea hit the store shelves. Miss Robbie’s book is full of down home recipes and I’m sure a lot of you have these recipes committed to memory, but if you don’t this is a great book to pick up. When I bought my book, I bought two and gave one to my sister for a gift.
I am always looking for a good side dish. I like the Sweetie Pie’s version of Roasted Winter Vegetables with Maple Glaze on page 104. Sweet potato, turnips and rutabaga, oh my! Very good. The book is colorful and unique as there are some family stories in it as well. It was a good purchase. I placed it right next to my book, “Recipes for the Good Life” by Patti LaBelle. Patti focuses on living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your body. Have you seen Patti lately? She looks great and is over 70 years old. What I love about her book is she gives you a list of what should be in the perfect pantry. She gives you a list of spices, canned goods, freezer items and refrigerator items. In the front of the book there is a list of some of Patti’s products, like her Jalapeno Relish, her hot sauce and seasonings. Go ‘head, Patti. If only we could get your cobbler on the shelf year-round.


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