Lifestyles Report…The Weekend (June 14, 2017)


Weekends in Pittsburgh have become so busy I can’t keep up, and once again those who say there is nothing to do in Pittsburgh have not been reading the New Pittsburgh Courier and you have not been monitoring your Facebook page. My weekend started off with a “Taste of Africa.” This great fashion show was the centerpiece of the founder’s day celebration for the Community Empowerment Association and Brother Rashad Byrdsong. You will see more about it and some dynamic pictures in an upcoming issue. Jennifer Hudson was in town on Saturday night, she was the featured artist for Pride weekend. I didn’t make that event but I heard that she was fantastic. I did make the Pride Parade on Sunday. I volunteered with nearly a dozen people from my day job. I have not been to a parade in a long time and this was the first time that I attended the Pride Parade. It was impressive to see how many large companies were participating: Google, Walmart Starbucks, UPMC, Highmark, CCAC and more. I saw State Representative Jake Wheatley and County Executive Rich Fitzgerald as well.
Have you ever watched or attended Mardi Gras in New Orleans and watched the people in the parade throw candy to the people on the sidelines? Well that happened on Sunday. Not only did they throw candy, they threw beads, T-shirts, sunglasses and in some cases new underwear. Oh and there were coupons for Chipotle and the Milkshake Factory. I came home with a bag full of stuff. The parade was colorful and entertaining and to top it off, the weather was great.
Last weekend was the final weekend for the Three Rivers Art Festival, I kept trying to squeeze in some time to make it there but I just could not find the time. It was also the final performance of the play “Lotto” produced by New Horizon Theater. For this performance they used the Homewood Library Auditorium; that is a great space. There were several other events that I attended over the weekend but you will soon read all about it.


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