Lifestyles Report…The Weekend (June 14, 2017)

In between all of the fun stuff there were the typical runs to the store and I am always so surprised when cashiers can’t count back change. I went to a local store and made a small purchase. The young man working the cash register was about 18 years old. He put my change in my hand and never said how much change he was giving me back. So I asked him do you know how to count back change? I knew the answer but I was just disturbed that this has become the norm in stores. He looked at me like I was crazy and never said thank you for your business or anything. This kind of nonsense should not be standard behavior. The invention of computers as cash registers shouldn’t be an excuse to stop counting back change. I know it will never come back but at least I would like for the cashier to tell me how much I am getting back.
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