PPG CEO McGarry signs diversity pledge


Michael McGarry, CEO of PPG has announced that he is now among 150 CEOs from around the country who have signed the CEO Action Diversity Pledge.
“A diverse workforce is a prerequisite to success in global markets and economies,” McGarry said.
“Clearly, diversity provides PPG with a competitive advantage in serving the needs of increasingly diverse customers in virtually every corner of the world. Diversity is all about bringing our best together to protect and beautify the world.”
By signing on to this commitment, CEOs pledge to cultivate a workplace where diverse perspectives and experiences are welcomed and respected, where employees feel encouraged to discuss diversity and inclusion, and where best known—and unsuccessful—actions can be shared across organizations via a unified hub, CEOAction.com, in an effort to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
In his keynote address at the African American Chamber of Commerce Business Luncheon last month, McGarry said the company had recently hired a new global supply manager is specifically looking to create more opportunities for minority firms by diversifying its supply chain.
Chamber CEO Doris Carson Williams welcomed the news.


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