Lifestyles Report …One or none (June 28, 2017)


It’s that time of year when roads are closed and detours are posted for construction. When I pass construction sites, either while driving or walking by, I always take a look to see if I see any people of color. In most cases its one or none. I really started thinking about this the other morning while I was riding to work and listening to the Joe Madison Show. They mentioned that concept of “shop” classes has long been removed from schools. If you are too young to know what a “shop” class was let me give you the scoop. Back in my day in the late sixties and before, the girls took Home Economics and the boys took Shop. The ladies learned how to cook and sew and the young men learned how to make things out of wood, metal and in some cases they got a chance to work on cars. As I was doing some research I found that in other states they even learned plumbing and electrical.
Do you remember the days when you could take your car to the school and get it fixed? Well we know those days are gone. When they started placing computers in cars, learning how to fix a car in high school was out of the question. I found in one article that the Shop classes and Home Economics classes did not fit the qualifications of preparing a person for an advanced school or college. Everyone does not go to college. These now defunct classes could have showed young people that possibly they liked to make things and work with their hands, be an artist or a designer. But then the conspiracy theorist came out in me. I need to look up that and see if that is a word. Yes, I just checked my dictionary; Theorist is a word, a person who theorizes.


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