Pittsburgh Northeasterners host National Convention (Debbie's Lifestyles Photos July 19)

THE CHARITABLE DONATION—Darryl Ford Williams, Ayisha Morgan–Lee and Judith Davenport

The Northeasterners Inc. have been around since 1930. Agatha Scott, wife of Brigadier General Benjamin O. Davis Jr., in New York, founded the group. There are 12 chapters of The Northeasterners–Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Indianapolis, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Washington D.C.
PITTSBURGH NORTHEASTERNERS—Kathy Towns, Doris Carson Williams, Ann Haley, Claudette Lewis, Nancy Washington, Karen Farmer White and Elaine Effort

June 2-4 was when the Pittsburgh Chapter hosted the national convention. On June 3, the Northeasterners were fabulous in striking fascinators as they hosted the convention luncheon, “The Color of Jazz Celebrating The Hewitt Collection and Mary Lou Williams.” The soiree was held at the trendy Hotel Monaco in Downtown Pittsburgh.
PITTSBURGH NORTHEASTERNERS—Margaret Pettigrew, Iva Kelly DeHoney, Gloria Walton, Margaret Burley, Nicole Primas Gaines, Louise Ford

Each year at the convention a donation is given in the name of the Northeasterners to a non-profit organization that is making a difference in the African American community. This year, $12,500 was presented to The Hill Dance Academy Theatre (HDAT); $5000 of the award was from the national and $7500 was from the Pittsburgh Chapter. Convention co-chairs Judith Davenport and Darryl Ford Williams presented the donation to Ayisha Morgan–Lee, HDAT’s founder, CEO and Artistic Director.
PITTSBURGH NORTHEASTERNERS—Darryl Ford Williams, Janet Spencer, Eunice Anderson, Anita Burley, Mona Generett, Judith Davenport (Photos by Debbie Norrell)


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