Just Sayin’ …Is President Trump seeking to overthrow America’s government? (Ulish Carter's Column Aug. 2, 2017)


Could the appointment of another general by President Trump to another key leadership position be a move by him to eventually overthrow the government?
I know that sounds crazy, but this man is crazy.
Remember, in his eyes no one can make this country great again but him. Not the House, not the Senate, him and only him.
Think about it. He said he’s going to drain the swamp. That means he doesn’t trust politicians to lead. He doesn’t trust scholars, who dominated President Obama’s reign, to lead. Nor does he trust everyday working people from the various walks of life, including business, to lead. He likes generals, whom he has already given complete freedom to make all decisions throughout the country, including the Middle East.
California Congresswoman Barbara Lee has voiced her concerns about former general John Kelly being selected as the White House Chief of Staff, adding to several other generals in key positions.
Lee was the lone Congressperson to vote against giving President Bush, or any president, the powers to declare war without going through Congress first.
I wouldn’t put anything past Trump. He’s in love with himself, and he wants all the power. That’s why being a billionaire is not enough. If you study history you will find that all tyrants believed they knew it all and the world would be a better place under their absolute rule. And remember, in many cases the people put them in power, not realizing these people could care less about them.
You say, “Not in America!” I say, “Why Not?” The hate in this country is boiling over; if something doesn’t change it’s going to explode.
Moving to another subject, can the GOP and Dems work together?
The Affordable Care Act is still the law of the land. Will the Republicans accept defeat and team up with the Democrats to repair the shortcomings of this law for the benefit of all Americans, or will they continue to play politics with the people being the losers? Because everyday this bill isn’t repaired, the more people will suffer and die.
Senator John McCain, facing death and the faith of having to meet his maker, joined Republican Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski to help the Democrats defeat the GOP’s skinny Health Care bill which would have repealed the Affordable Care Act while enacting a health care bill that neither side wanted or knew what was in it.
This was too much for McCain, who has worked with both sides of the aisle for laws that helps the American people.
It’s obvious that the GOP was and has always been very serious about blocking any attempt at a universal health plan in this country, as they have been since Franklin Roosevelt took over doing the great depression.
The Democrats have been trying to get a National Health Plan through since 1943, with the most recent attempts being by President Bill Clinton in the 1990s, led by his wife Hillary during the 1990s, then came President Obama during the past 8 years. Most people say that the Republicans had the past 8 years to come up with a workable affordable healthcare plan but they have actually had 70-plus years since 1943; yet they haven’t come up with anything because of the big money being pumped into their pockets by the health care industry. There’s a lot of money to be made off human suffering and death.
Hopefully the Republican House and Senate will not listen to the President and just let the Affordable Care Act die for the lack of federal dollars and support. Hopefully the rank and file of both parties will come together with human lives being their first priority and strengthen this law where it’s needed, and when the 2018 elections come both parties can address the voters with the fact that they worked together for the good of the American people and the results is a strong affordable healthcare plan that saves lives and reduces or eliminates pain and suffering.
The Progressives are asking for free health care, the Conservatives are asking for a free market-based health care, while the moderates are asking for a combination of both. I guess I’m a moderate on this issue because if it’s totally free, it will lead to more abuse and more cost. So why not follow the name Affordable Care Act, with insurance companies competing in the free market, with the government still subsidizing the poor to make it affordable for all, and individuals paying a certain percentage out of their pockets? Of course, there must be government regulations. If we can have auto insurance, why not health care insurance?
I don’t think there is anyone in America who doesn’t want affordable health care, even Trump’s supporters.
(Ulish Carter is the former managing editor of the New Pittsburgh Courier.)
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