Colin Kaepernick still without a job? NFL is an ‘absolute joke’ (Atiya Irvin-Mitchell's guest column August 9)


I do not like football. I don’t think I’ve ever gone to a football game. If I needed to name three teams to save my life, well, this would likely be the last sentence I ever wrote.
However, there is something happening forcing me to take notice of this brain-cell-ruining game: Colin Kaepernick’s unemployment. Or more accurately, his free agent status.
In case you missed it, the 29-year-old came under scrutiny for his decision to bend the knee in protest during the national anthem. Kaepernick was met with support from some, but considerable backlash from others. Some have suggested the decline in television ratings for the NFL is due to Kaepernick’s protest. Now, Mr. Kaepernick is finding it difficult to find a team to risk brain damage for. We’re a few weeks away from the start of the season, and we all know he’s good enough to be a backup quarterback for one of the 32 NFL teams…

It’s truly fascinating and infuriating what coaches and fans find to be unacceptable behavior because unpopular opinion time: The National Football League is an absolute joke. A dumpster fire of an institution. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at their wonderful role models. We could talk about Ray Rice, who originally faced a mere two game suspension for beating his fiance before the hotel video altered his fate. Or we could talk about Adrian Peterson, the father of the year who left his four-year-old cut and bruised and still dawns the title of RB for the New Orleans Saints. And then there’s Pittsburgh’s own beloved Big Ben, who’s had his share of hiccups off the field. Since unfortunately the NFL’s zero tolerance policy for domestic violence is more for show than anything else, I could go on and on. I know, I know… #notallplayers, just far too many players.


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