Cover To Cover …‘There’s a Dragon in My Closet’ (Terri's Book Review August 9)

It was all in his head, said the boy’s mother. There was no dragon in the closet. And she went downstairs, but not before the boy saw…
Much as I loved the idea behind “There’s a Dragon in My Closet” and its wonderful theme of imagination, there was one thing that I wondered: will kids understand it enough?
With a catchy rhyme that starts out fun, author Taylor tells the story of a boy and his dragon. Quite frankly, the story stays at a level of “fun” well enough, but some of the language seemed more adult-like than childish. Kids may not completely comprehend the story because of it, and that may be a distraction for an out-loud reader.
But never mind—come for the imagination, and stay for the artwork by Palmer. I can’t say enough about that part of this book: it’s colorful, in sweeping-blendy tones and bold marks. Just—wow.
Keep your eyes on the little boys’ t-shirts, by the way. You’ll be charmed, and so will your 3- to-6-year-old. He’ll love “There’s a Dragon in My Closet,” and who could blame him?
(“There’s a Dragon in My Closet” by Dorothea Taylor, illustrated by Charly Palmer, c.2017, Bolden, $17.95/$25.95 Canada, 32 pages.)
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