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Letters Testamentary on the Estate of BEULAH MAE HUFFMAN, Court Term No. 021704495, late of Plum Borough, Allegheny County, deceased, having been granted to the undersigned by the Director of dept. of Court Records, Wills/Orphans Courts Division of Allegheny County, notice is hereby given to all persons indebted to said estate to make immediate payment, and to those having claims against the same to present them to the undersigned, duly authenticated for settlement. Barbara Gennaro, Executrix, 118 Alpine Village Dr., Monroeville, PA 15146 or to Cathy L. Brannigan, Esq., 15 Duff Rd., Suite 6C, Pittsburgh, PA 15235
Nightingale, Gross & Patterson LLC Attorneys, 428 Forbes Avenue, Suite 103, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, 412-553-1744. Notice is hereby given pursuant to the provisions of the Fictitious Names of Act of Pennsylvania that an application for registration of a fictitious name was filed with the Department of State of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, for the conduct of a business under the fictitious name of Cannabis Legal Solutions with its principal office or place of business at 428 Forbes Avenue, Suite 103, Pittsburgh, PA 15219. The names and addresses, including street and number, if any, of all persons who are parties to the registration are: Nightingale, Gross & Patterson, LLC – 428 Forbes Avenue, Suite 103, Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Request for Qualifications
Airline Technical Representative
Pittsburgh International Airport
The Allegheny County Airport Authority (ACAA) is soliciting qualification statements to secure services to provide technical liaison and coordination services between ACAA and its customer Signatory Airlines during completion of the Terminal Modernization Program (TMP) for Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT). Implementation of the TMP is a key recommendation in the Master Plan Update that is being finalized for PIT. ACAA intends to advance its implementation by developing the Project Definition Document (PDD) in conjunction with the completion of the Master Plan Update.
The Airline Technical Representative (ATR) will provide input into the development of the PDD for the TMP at PIT. It is anticipated that the ATR will continue to provide technical liaison services through design and construction phases of the program. Construction is anticipated to be complete by the first quarter of 2023. The ATR will work with ACAA’s Internal Team, a Program Management Team, and the Architect/Engineer to coordinate with the airlines and provide technical liaison services during the implementation of the TMP. The ATR will have work space in ACAA’s offices to enable close coordination with the TMP Team, as needed.
The ATR will facilitate and expedite the Signatory Airline review, obtain comments and final commitments to the PDD thereby ensuring that ACAA is able to make efficient, well informed decisions on matters affecting its customer airlines. In addition, on behalf of the Signatory Airlines, the ATR will participate in design coordination and review, provide input during construction, observe operation readiness and testing, assist airlines with move coordination, facilitate final acceptance, and provide additional support as requested and appropriate. In general, the intent is for the ATR to assist ACAA staff by:
1. Serving as the central point of contact for dissemination and transmittal of information to the Signatory Airlines
2. Coordinating presentation of ACAA plans and proposals efficiently to the Signatory Airlines
3. Identifying and communicating to ACAA any Signatory Airline concerns and resolving any conflicting Signatory Airlines comments prior to presenting to ACAA, and
4. Facilitating efficient, coordinated response to ACAA regarding airline needs and viewpoints, as well as the final commitment to the PDD, and in future project phases.
The anticipated schedule represents ACAA’s best estimate of the schedule that will be followed in selecting the ATR. The length of the contract term for the ATR’s work on the PDD is anticipated to be September 21, 2017 through December 31, 2017, with the option to renew the contract for two additional three-year terms to cover the design and construction of the Program as finally encompassed in the PDD.
•ACAA Issue RFQ: 08/07/2017
•Deadline for ACAA Receipt of Statements of Qualifications (SOQ): 08/21/2017 at 4:00 p.m. EDT
•SOQ Evaluation Completed: 08/24/2017
•Interviews (if required): 08/31/2017
•Selection: 09/06/2017
•Contract Start: 9/21/2017
•Contract Completion: 12/31/2017*
•There is a potential that the Selected ATR will be asked to renew the contract for two additional three-year terms to cover the design and construction phases of the Program.
Each Proposer shall provide 12 paper copies and one electronic pdf of their SOQ in print form which shall address each of the following numbered subsections in the order requested and clearly identified while not exceeding 20, 8 ?”x11” pages.
1. Proposing Entity’s Legal Structure:
a) The name and address of the legal entity that will contract with the ACAA if awarded the Agreement for the Services.
b) Name, address, email address and telephone/fax numbers of one individual to whom all future correspondence and/or communications will be directed.
c) A statement declaring the type of business relationship the Proposer will use (i.e., a single company, partnership or other form of business relationship to perform the Services) and whether the entity is currently in existence or whether it will be formed upon award.
2. Approach and Experience:
a) A narrative explanation, outlining Proposer’s comprehensive approach to provide the required services.
b) ACAA anticipates single entity proposers, but will consider additional staff for good reason. Identify the proposed lead person and provide resumes for the lead person and for all key staff, along with an organizational chart. Proposers and key personnel should have prior experience as an ATR or working in Airline Facilities, preferably with experience with a major airport terminal expansion project.
c) A narrative explanation regarding why the Proposer should be selected for the Services, including an overview of the specific experience and expertise of the Proposer and key personnel in providing comparable services.
d) A summary of projects for which the Proposer has performed similar services, highlighting any specific international airport terminal expansion or development projects, with particular reference to scope, and describing best practices and lessons learned.
e) For each qualifying project, the name, title, address, email address and phone/fax numbers for a reference contact person of the Proposer’s client, preferably the owner of the facility, who is familiar with Proposer’s role and work on the project.
f) A narrative explanation of the Proposer’s ability to perform the services, including a specific staffing plan demonstrating availability and ability to support the Program.
NOTE: The selected ATR will be precluded from providing Program Management, A/E Design, or Construction Services on future phases of the Program.
All paper SOQs should be submitted to:
Richard C. Belotti
Vice President of Planning
Allegheny County Airport Authority
Pittsburgh International Airport
Landside Terminal, 4th Floor Mezzanine
PO Box 12370
Pittsburgh, PA 15231-0370
Electronic version should be submitted to:
Questions should be directed to Richard C. Belotti at 412.472.3545 or via email at

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