The Modern Grandmothers Club Inc. celebrates 70 years (Debbie's Lifestyles Photos Aug. 23)

MODERN GRANDMOTHERS—Eileen Stevenson, Grace Stevenson, Barbara Allen and Doris Grinnage. (Photos by Debbie Norrell)

In July 1947 at the residence of Hattie Green, 24 prominent socialites of Pittsburgh decided to form an exclusive club composed of women who were grandmothers. The group was not content with limiting themselves to a rocking chair and knitting needles. This new organization then consisted of teachers, nurses, wives of doctors and attorneys, professionals in different fields and homemakers. Their purpose was to meet monthly to discuss and explore ways to improve literary, intellectual, civic and family relationships, especially as related to grandmothers and grandchildren and to promote Christian fellowship among the members.

On July 9, the Modern Grandmothers celebrated 70 years with a luncheon at the Edgewood Country Club. Guests enjoyed Kevin Howard on keyboard, the club history shared by Betty Batie and An Ode to Grandmothers performed by Barbara Murphy. Her performance, complete with robe and bonnet, was spot on and seemed to hit home with a lot of grandmothers. In An Ode to Grandmothers, Murphy said grandmother is a storyteller, a seamstress, a cookie baker, a hug giver and family historian. A grandmother is a mother who has been given a second chance. Murphy had the audience in stiches as she shared the funny side of being a grandmother.

After an enjoyable lunch, president Dolores Chandler shared remarks and acknowledged special guests. The Modern Grandmothers’ motto is, “We can go a lot further together than we can go alone. Let us encourage one another as we seek to stay on track, if we keep our goal before us we will not be looking back.”
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