An ‘Explosion’ of Gospel – the 6th annual Gospel Explosion in Pittsburgh, July 2017 (Photos)

Brynel performs in the left photo, while Mot performs Christian rap in the right photo. (Photos by J.L. Martello)

Late July was the time, Kelly-Strayhorn Theater was the place for the sixth annual Gospel Explosion.
Launched in 2010, Gospel Explosion celebrates the diversity in gospel genres through rap, dance, miming, poetry, singing and drumming. It’s a partnership between Larry J. Fielder Jr. and the theater.
“I like to always use the saying,” Fielder Jr. says, “whatever you feed your soul will come out one day. Most of our youth like to dance, listen to rap, sing, etc. So, what I like to do is be strategic about how to reach our young people with positive influence. It is like how momma used to put the medicine in the applesauce to get you to take it as a kid.”

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