Issa Rae’s ‘Insecure’ is Summer 17’s Best TV (Merecedes' TV Show review Sept. 6)


There are so many useless shows like Baller Wives and Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood on TV right now. Quality TV shows are so rare and the lack of content makes me question my cable bill every single month.
But, there’s literally one show that keeps hope alive! The most refreshing thing on TV this summer is Issa Rae and HBO’s ‘Insecure.’ She single-handedly saved Summer17 with her eccentric comedy and graceless love life.
The show will come to a temporary close with the second season finale on Sunday, Sept. 10. And I’m ready to throw a 5-year-old-in-the-candy-store tantrum. I’ll miss everything about the show—the music, the jokes, the peculiar poetry, and the vibes.
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There’s nothing else on TV like “Insecure,” and now I have to wait almost another year for the third season. It’s not fair!
It saddens me that HBO doesn’t see what I see. While “Insecure” isn’t “Game of Thrones,” and shouldn’t be compared to it, the show holds the same great weight. Issa Rae and her adorable series should be moved to a more ideal time, like 9 p.m. The network should also move the show to a different day like Thursday or Friday.
I think HBO is using “Insecure” to force viewers to watch “Ballers,” another show with no value.
“Insecure” should be an hour. Issa Rae is way too talented to be confined to a 28-minute box. We need more Issa. Her energy and unorthodox form of expression are what sets this series apart from all others. “Insecure” dabbles in every area that we face as Black women. From the bad breakups to being overlooked on the job, through sexism and racism, we are constantly being handed the short end of the stick. But, we prevail! That’s exactly what the show entails, a Black woman, who, despite unforeseen events, still laughs and enjoys life.
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