‘Narcos’ is back, and it’s an instant hit (Merecedes' TV Show review Sept. 20)

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Just when you thought the story ended with the death of Colombian drug Lord Pablo Escobar, Netflix’s “Narcos” is back for Season 3 with a totally different storyline. Still in the cocaine-infested country of Colombia, but the focus has shifted to the Cali drug cartel.
In the third season’s 10 episodes, released on Sept. 1, DEA agent Pena (Pedro Pascal) has returned to capture the four godfathers of Cali. Similar to the first two seasons, the corruption and violence continues when the biggest drug cartel doesn’t go down without a fight.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Narcos” Season 3 is the top Netflix original show with 27.2 million viewers. Even compared to non-digital shows (Cable TV), “Narcos” Season 3 still ranks seventh overall in show popularity.
Other than HBO’s “The Wire,” I have never been this fascinated with illegal activity, drug distribution, and hardcore violence. “Narcos” created lovable characters on both sides of the law. As ruthless as Miguel Rodríguez Orejuela (Francisco Denis) was, part of me still didn’t want him to go to jail. It’s the same love and respect we had for Omar (Michael K. Williams) on “The Wire.” They weren’t model citizens, but they weren’t totally bad guys, either.
I absolutely adored the infusion of African American culture in this season. A DEA agent is spotted with a Wu-Tang T-shirt, and then moments later, Montell Jordan’s 1995 jam “This Is How We Do It” plays in the background. The infamous O.J. Simpson trial comes across the screen while a Colombian insisted that “The Juice” was innocent.
There weren’t many African Americans on the show, but the point was clear. We have such a huge influence all over of the world. The inclusivity of our culture is a testament to the success of African Americans, and how it spills over into homes all over the world.
If you don’t know how to read or don’t know Spanish, then you’ll have a difficult time keeping up this season. Good thing I can read and I can speak un poquito de Español (a little bit of Spanish). There were more subtitles than I can count. It takes a little bit of multitasking to keep up with the plot.
Hints were dropped in the season finale about a continuation. This time, the target will be Mexican drug cartels, possibly introducing the infamous Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. Can’t wait.
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