Just Sayin’ …What gives the U.S. the right to say who can have the bomb? (Ulish Carter's Column Sept. 20, 2017)


North Korea is challenging the U.S. by continuing their program to build a nuclear weapon.
But the United States is telling them they can’t build a nuclear weapon at all, let alone build one that threatens its allies or the mainland of the U.S.
North Korea is stating that as a free and independent country no one has the right to tell them what they can or cannot do, when the U.S. has hundreds of nuclear weapons as does China, Pakistan, India and Israel in that general area. Since the U.S. has proven in the past it has no problem with changing the regimes of any government it disagrees with, and believes is not functioning for its benefit, it has killed off the leaders, like Saddam Hussein of Iraq, or Muammar Gaddafi of Libya. Oh, I’m sorry, they both are dead along with their families because the U.S. said they had weapons of mass destruction or they believed them to be helping terrorists.
However, the Trump administration has stated that they are not about regime change. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said, “We do not seek a regime change, we do not seek the collapse of the regime, we do not seek an accelerated reunification of the (Korean) peninsula, we do not seek an excuse to send our military north of the 38th parallel…
“And we’re trying to convey to the North Koreans we are not your enemy, we are not your threat, but you are presenting an unacceptable threat to us, and we have to respond.”
Why should North Korea or Iran believe the U.S.? We have lied before to many countries just before we changed their regime. Most of us who don’t read and don’t know U.S. history don’t know about the war in which the U.S. supplied weapons and support to Iraq to defeat Iran, or the Korean War, or the Vietnam War. Most sources say around 37,000 Americans died in the Korean War and over 50,000 Americans died in the Vietnam War with a high percentage being Black Americans. All my sources say no Americans died in the attack on Libya.
The point is most Americans don’t believe President Trump because he constantly lies and doesn’t apologize when he’s caught in a lie, so why would any foreign leader believe him when he says he’s not interested in regime change?
I can understand Kim Jong-un’s concern after seeing Saddam Hussein’s family killed first before he was taken out because President Bush said he had weapons of mass destruction that he was going to use on the U.S. Not that Hussein had used on the U.S., but was allegedly going to.
Well, we all know now there were no weapons of mass destruction. Iraq has been in total chaos since the removal of Hussein. And even though there were no Americans killed in the Libya attack, Obama said he had to make the attack to save hundreds of Libyan lives. Later investigations by the Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International said they found hundreds of bodies that the rebels had executed in handcuffs, and that Gaddafi was sodomized before he was killed. Much like Iraq, Libya is in total chaos now with various rebel factions fighting against each other and the people caught in the middle.
If there is a military solution, millions will die in South Korea as well as North Korea. Just like World War I was started by a conflict between two countries that led to allies of these countries joining forces, this will be the same kind of war. Do we think Russia, China, Vietnam and the rest of the North Korean allies are going to sit back and do nothing?
China and Russia have massive stockpiles of nuclear weapons, which they will use if they have to. I would imagine that China is getting a little upset with the U.S. attacking them for not persuading North Korea from creating the weapon that they believe will equalize them with the superpowers. I’m sure China has tried hard because North Korea becomes a closer threat to them with a nuclear weapon.
The solution? Let them have it. Sanctions are not going to work, that has been proven. And the same is true for Iran. These countries have leaders who don’t care about the people but their own survival, which means they must make the western powers think twice before they try regime change. And when you have a new U.S. president whose slogan is “America First,” why shouldn’t other leaders think the same way about their country? Why should they give up their power to western countries which has proven that their priority is what’s best for them?
Speaking of being selfish, the Republicans, led by Trump, are serious about shipping 800,000 productive Dreamers back to Mexico because their parents brought them to this country illegally when they were children. This shows just how sick some people in this country are.
(Ulish Carter is the former managing editor of the New Pittsburgh Courier.)
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