At The Finish Line…The Steelers should have come out on the field


Truth is…Right Now, Right Here, Let’s Do This!
The Real Truth is… The Steelers to a man should have come out on the field. Whether you kneel or stand, you do it as a team, but you do it on the field, not hiding
in the tunnel!
The Real Truth is… The real problem here on top of everything else is this poor excuse for a President that a percentage of America will support, no matter what he
says or does. What will it take America before you wake up to the truth? Will it take a tragedy? Whatever it takes remember, The Revolution will not be televised.
The Real Truth is… Speaking of the Revolution and true revolutionaries. Know this, Jim Brown and Muhammad Ali at the greatest moment in time went all in and
stood their ground against social injustice. As did Jackie Robinson, Curt Flood and Kareem-Abdual Jabbar and others. C’mon man, the fellas today aren’t doing that. I’m sorry, but they’re not. Not all, but not many!
The Real Truth is… “Some people” just refuse to get it in their mind, because they want it to be true in their gut. This-has-never-been-about-the-flag-the military-the
NFL- or the National Anthem. It was and is about a noble protest against innocent Black people being shot and killed.
The Real, Real Truth is… Colin Kaepernick should have a job. He’s being blackballed and the same NFL owners that came on the field to be with their teams are
blackballing him!
You Have Just Crossed The Finish Line


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