Just Sayin’ …The hatred of Obama is sickening, and it’s very deep (Ulish Carter's Column Sept. 27, 2017)


The GOP is at it again. They are determined to repeal President Obama’s Affordable Care Act and President Trump is insulting Blacks again with his statements last week.
The Republicans are once again attempting to repeal and replace the ACA with a plan that has not been vetted, debated, will leave millions of people uncovered or under-covered and will cause deaths upon deaths and millions more will to have to live in pain. But the Republican Party could care less; all they are concerned with is making sure the only Black president in American history doesn’t have anything with his name on it. The hatred of Obama is sickening, and it’s very deep.
After the first attempt to get rid of the ACA failed, a group of Democrats and Republicans started to work on a compromised bill that would simply repair the weak parts of the ACA. Time and time again the Democrats and Independents and members in the media have pointed out what needs to be fixed in the ACA, yet members of the Republican Party continue to be more loyal to the party than the country. ACA needs repair, not replaced.
I get so sick of listening to people say the Democrats did the same thing. It’s not true. Obama, both when he ran for election and after he won, challenged the Republican House and Senate to come up with an alternative plan or sit down with the Democrats to draft a bipartisan bill if they didn’t like his bill. But, the Republicans refused, which led President Obama and the Democratic Party to have to do it on their own.
After the watered-down bill was finally passed, Obama and many Democrats admitted to flaws in the bill but stated that at least a health care plan was in place and it could be improved over the years. It was a start to the most important law in this country, yet the Republicans could care less. Even though anyone following politics knows that they never offered an alternative plan or to work with the Dems, they now lie about not being asked or included in the making of the ACA.
I pray to God that Sen. Lindsey Graham’s plan is voted down once and for all so the Republicans will have to sit down with the Democrats and make the ACA a strong and healthy plan for all Americans regardless of income or age.
The reason the Republicans are trying to push this bill through is, by the end of this month 51 votes will be enough to pass the bill; after that it will take 60 votes.
As if the young, talented Colin Kaepernick isn’t under enough pressure with no job offer after not standing with hand-on-heart during the National Anthem last season before each NFL game, now he has President Trump saying the NFL should fire any player who does not stand and salute the flag during the National Anthem. Trump said this during a speech in Alabama, Sept. 22.
This has caused a lot of controversy with NFL and NBA teams, from people who believe it is an intrusion of the Freedom of Speech, and another attack on Blacks’ rights to protest the discrimination in this country. Heaven knows we have a long way to go in racial relations in this country (Trump disinvited the NBA champion Golden State Warriors to the White House).
The first thing out of many Whites’ mouths is, “These players make all that money, why are they complaining?” Trump probably feels the same way. The Black players are not voicing their concerns just for themselves, they are expressing concern for the millions of Blacks, Asians, Latinos and Whites throughout this country who are suffering from racism and neglect because of their race, gender or economic status.
Kaepernick could have kept his mouth shut, and stood for the flag, and continued to make millions, yet he chose to express his outrage over the series of police killings of Black men and the overall conditions for people of color. He’s not saying all, he’s bi-racial himself, and was adopted and raised by a White family.
It would have been nice to see 50 to 80 percent of the Black players in the NFL kneel this past Sunday (Sept. 24) in response to Trump. That would have sent a strong message considering Blacks make up about 80 percent of the league.
Most players stood with arms locked, showing unity, while some kneeled and others did nothing. The Cincinnati Bengals’ response was that players should concentrate on the game and not social issues.
The Steelers decided as a team to remain in the tunnel, not seen by the public, during the National Anthem, igniting somewhat of a firestorm here locally. Only Alejandro Villanueva came out and stood for the Anthem.
There were some White players with the typical “love it or leave it” statements.
As for the NBA, Trump was upset because Steph Curry of the Warriors said he wasn’t going to attend the annual White House reception for the NBA champions. Curry disagrees with Trump’s policies, views and actions against Blacks. After Trump’s tweet, LeBron James had some choice words for Trump, saying that the White House visit was a great place to attend until Trump “showed up.”
(Ulish Carter is the former managing editor of the New Pittsburgh Courier.)
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