Field Negro: Show me your tweet and I will show you who you are.

 *I thought that General Kelly finally discouraged Donald trump from tweeting so much.
The accidental president was at it again this weekend, and his tweets this time were as bad as they have ever been. If there is still anyone out there who does not believe that Donald trump is a horrible human being,  what he tweeted this weekend should change your mind.
The man attacked the Mayor of San Juan for a perceived slight, when all she was doing was crying out for help. trump blamed the victims of the storm and pretty much told America that those brown people in Puerto Rico had a lot of nerve asking for help when they should be helping themselves.
If he (trump) didn’t spend the first couple of weeks of this crisis telling NFL players to stand for the anthem, and hauling his ample derriere around his private golf course, he might have been able to get more praise like he did in Houston.
Besides being totally clueless ( I am pretty sure that he didn’t know that Puerto Rico was a US territory, and he certainly  didn’t seem to realize that it was an island. Thank you Captain Obvious for reminding us that Puerto Rico is surrounded by “ocean water”.) he proved, once again, that he is a racist as well. If you think that he would attacked the Mayor of San Juan if she was a white male I have an antique bell here in Philly with a slight crack on the side to sell you.
But that is who the president is at this point. We all know that he would rather call out a Latino female mayor who is begging for assistance for her suffering people,  than he would a bunch of white supremacist marching to spread hate.
It’s sad, but it’s not surprising. We all know exactly who Donald trump is, and his deplorable supporters knew who he was as well. What’s sad is that you have republican leaders such as Paul Ryan who has the nerve to tell us that trump’s heart  is in the “right place” when it comes to matters of race. Folks, those comments from one of the most powerful white men in America tells you all you need to know about what’s wrong with us and why we are so divided.
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