Connie Hawkins was the player, man that others emulated (Bill Neal's Column Oct. 18)


:10—Once again, a fond farewell and rest in peace Connie Hawkins. You were the man that all other men in that position were measured against. Elgin Baylor, Julius “Dr. J.” Erving, Michael “Air” Jordan, Kobe Bryant…they all say, “Thank you!”
:09—A huge at-a-boy to the New Pittsburgh Courier for being the only Pittsburgh newspaper to put Connie Hawkins on the front page, aka cover page, following his death. As it should have been. Congratulations New Pittsburgh Courier for doing the right thing!!!
:08—To be honest with ya, I had the Steelers winning in K.C. by 10 points. They ended up winning by 6, 19-13 was the score. Close enough. I still have the Black and Gold not only going to the Super Bowl but winning “The Stairway to Seven!”
:07—Last time for this, I promise. Since girl-watching is the No. 1 sport in the world and I am in the Hall of Fame, I’ll offer this. And look, I am a big man so I am not throwing stones from a glass house. But Lord have mercy, big girls, you must understand—one size truly does not fit all. That’s just a marketing tool. Look, the safe way out is just use the mirror, don’t walk by it. Use it, it’s your friend. And it will never, never, never ever lie to you! I’m just sayin’..
:06—The 4th installment of the Pittsburgh City League Hall of Fame inductees are now in. Another capacity City League crowd showed up and showed out. Super support, dresses to impress, quality young, old, Black, White across the board and a grand time had by all. The photos and the story coming in a future edition of the Courier.
:05—Alright, somebody tell me again why they were saving James Harrison? I don’t think they were. My gut tells me it had to be an injury of some kind that they just didn’t want to get out.
:04—How about NFL commentator James Brown… no, not that James Brown, he’s dead mmmaaannn! I mean J.B. who runs the show for CBS’ “The NFL Today.” He’s 80 pounds lighter. Job well done. (You may know that J.B. was a major college basketball player at Harvard University. Was the team captain and all-Ivy League.)
:03—Ohh, this just in —The U.S. Men’s Soccer Team lost to team what-you-call-it. They’re out of the World Cup. That’s all I got. And ten times more than you knew so shut up!
:02—Clearly someone in the Steeler front office got a call from the Emperor Chuck Noll and he simply said, “You have the best running back and the best O-line in football. Run the damn ball, man!!!!!”
:01—High school and college basketball are about to be in full effect. Remember, go support, stay in your lane and remember, you weren’t that good when you thought you were good. Let your kids play the game: you just keep playing checkers.
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