James Harrison is ‘Mr. Consistent’ – makes big sack in win over Chiefs, Oct. 15 (Mike Pelaia's Column Oct. 18)

STEELERS LINEBACKER JAMES HARRISON definitely “D-Boed” his way to the crucial sack of the Chiefs’ Alex Smith with seconds remaining in the 19-13 Steelers win, Oct. 15. (Photo by Courier photographer Brian Cook)

The 2017 Pittsburgh Steelers season has had more peaks and valleys than a roller coaster at Kennywood. The team peaked again this past Sunday, Oct. 15, as they rode Le’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown and Ben Roethlisberger to victory on the offensive side of the ball. What Bell did, specifically, was impressive and proof enough for me that this team needs to continue to feed him the ball on a weekly basis.
More than centering the offense around Bell though, the team needs to play consistent football for all four quarters, something they seemed to have lacked through the previous five games of the season.
In game six, however, against the Chiefs, things seemed to click on all cylinders. I asked myself, other than Roethlisberger not throwing a billion interceptions, what was different about this game? Why did this seem like the most complete one of the season? As I contemplated it for a bit, it hit me. The difference was one man and one man only.
The one. The only. James Harrison.
Harrison plays with a chip on his shoulder every single down he’s out there. He brings a fire to the team that is unmatched. He plays hard. He expects the best from himself and therefore he expects the best from those around him.
It seemed the defense was more intense vs. Kansas City than in weeks past. It seemed like they were on a mission to prove they could be one of the best in the league. Sure, they had a lot of questions to answer after the disaster against Jacksonville, but you know who didn’t play against Jacksonville? Harrison.


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