To Tell The Truth …Oh, those words that we misuse regularly…(Oct. 18, 2017)


There are a number of words that we misuse with ongoing regularity. I often wonder, are we aware of it? Allow me to provide you with some of those words that I am referring to.
Overwhelmingly in our general conversations, we use the same term describing our neighborhoods, persons who ride on the same bus, drinking partner, co-worker, church members; and that term is friend. The majority of these persons are generally persons we know or just come in contact with. The term “friend” is misused because a friend is a special person and the majority of others are acquaintances.
There are those who attend church regularly and are members and even officers and describe themselves as being Christians. I have heard some of these persons speak about the President of the United States, Donald Trump, and openly state, “I hope someone kills that bastard.” It is my conviction that when a person professes to be a Christian and advocates the killing of a person, then the word Christian is definitely misused.
I have witnessed men who profess to be preachers who too frequently perform acts that are generally condoned by the devil. However, they still describe themselves as a God-fearing man, a blatant example of misuse of words.
Astronomical numbers of people of color boast about how Black we are, but too frequently our lack of positive actions denote we frequently are just lost colored folks — once again, misused words.
There are those colored politicians who run for office and get elected, and then they describe themselves as an elected Black leader. Disappointedly, they now state their primary responsibility is to serve the Democratic Party, and secondly respond to the needs of their Black voters. “Black leaders” is definitely a misuse of words.
Men who father children and brag about the size of their family, and make limited, if any, contribution to their children’s welfare…some of these imitations of men even have the gall to refer to themselves as the children’s daddy. That is a definite misuse of a word.
I was privileged last week to attend an award affair, and all of the awardees were deserving. As I listen, there was one four-letter word that was used throughout the entire evening by all persons participating in the program from the outstanding emcee, Chris Moore, to the closing benediction. All of the presenters and awardees spoke of love for God, parents, families, educators, and the financial contributors who helped make the program possible. As I listened to the speakers as they expressed their fortunate experiences of love, a thought came to mind.
Every day I read in the newspapers, hear on the radio, watch on television, and personally view some of the most atrocious and deplorable actions by persons. I have always been surrounded by love from birth, so I truly understand the importance of not just the word, “LOVE,” but the actions.
We live in a nation with faults, but it is the greatest nation in the world. However, it must become the nation for all of us. How? There are those who have always contributed, others who do the best they can, and others who can and must do more, and that last segment who are unwilling or unable to make any positive contributions. Contrary to what some believe, money is not the total answer. We must work to help all persons be able to learn how to LOVE THEMSELVES.
(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a contributor to the New Pittsburgh Courier.)
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