30th Anniversary of the Billion dollar deal that changed the face of Wall Street


New York, N.Y.—In this chaotic time in America, here you have historic, exceptional, modern day inspirational and an affirmation of America’s core values. The celebration of the 30 Year Anniversary of the $985 Million leveraged purchase of TLC Beatrice International, the deal that changed the landscape of Wall Street for all entrepreneurs.
Many are unaware, this was conceived, coordinated and successfully executed by a Black man. Now that is the American Dream. In this crucial time in the US, we need all Americans, especially young African Americans to be informed and inspired.
At $985M, the deal was the largest offshore leveraged buyout ever by an American company. Chairman and CEO Lewis moved quickly to reposition the company, pay down the debt and grossed sales of $1.8 Billion. TLC Beatrice made it to the Fortune 500 list. Reginald F. Lewis, known as the 1st Black Billionaire DealMaker orchestrated the buy out and Michael Milkenwas an advisor.
“We want the new generation to be inspired by the work of RFL on that November 30, 1987. He demonstrated his belief in and commitment to human rights, civil rights and economic development”, said Loida Lewis, widow of the 1st Black Billionaire DealMaker. She proudly carries on his legacy and wants our country to embrace diversity, all cultures and live the words of our constitution.
Reginald F. Lewis opened the first Black law firm on Wall Street. Reginald F. Lewis, an entrepreneurial virtuoso, brilliant financier and business manager, left a roster of accomplishments that would compare to those of any great man in history. Talented, shrewd and generous to a fault, Mr. Lewis remains a shining example of what can be achieved if one works hard enough no matter the obstacles placed in one’s path. His legend is cemented in his hometown of Baltimore through the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History and Culture, but his legacy reaches farther and wider than that which can be contained in a brick and mortar structure.


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