City League Football—Allderdice defeats Brashear for their first title since 1967!

KESHAWN TOWSOND of Brashear, a prime-time player for the Bulls as they face Allderdice, Nov. 4, for the City League championship.

UPDATE as of November 6: Allderdice beats Brashear for the title, 35-7, Nov. 4 at Cupples Stadium!



One school has won the Pittsburgh City League High School football title two of the last three years.
The other hasn’t won since the first-ever Super Bowl—in 1967.

RAQUAN CALDWELL, fighting through Westinghouse tacklers as his Allderdice Dragons won, 21-14, Oct. 27. (Photos by Will McBride)

But don’t think it’s David vs. Goliath. Though the Brashear Bulls have tasted the title as recently as 2014 and 2015, it’s the Allderdice Dragons who are the City League’s top seed with a 4-1 regular season conference mark and a 6-4 overall record.
The two teams will battle for the coveted City League championship, Saturday, Nov. 4 at 2:15 p.m. at Cupples Stadium, South Side.
ALLDERDICE CELEBRATES their win over Westinghouse, Oct. 27. Now, it’s a matchup with Brashear, Nov. 4.

“The first game of the year we were down 14-0 right off the bat against Altoona,” Allderdice coach Jerry Haslett told the New Pittsburgh Courier after his team’s comeback win over Westinghouse, Oct. 27. “Before this game I said to my team, ‘don’t let anything bother you, no matter what happens. We could go down two scores right off the bat and we can’t let anything bother us,’ and that’s what happened.”
Westinghouse had the two-touchdown lead, only to see Allderdice battle back and win, 21-14, when the City League semi-final game ended. “There was no bickering or complaining, and they (the team) picked it up with each other. The kids stuck together and it just shows what they’re made of,” Haslett said.


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