HONORING THE LEGENDS…Pittsburgh City League H.O.F. Awards showcases city’s best

LEGENDARY COACHES—Leroy Dillard, Fred Lucas, Michael Sabrina Simms, George Rieley, Michele Megarry (Photos by Dayna Delgado)

“City League, it’s your time…It’s your turn” has been the call to reunite the legends, and on this Oct. 7 night at the August Wilson Center, there were plenty of legends to go around. The Fourth Annual Pittsburgh City League High School All-Sports Hall of Fame Inductions welcomed home many of the city’s greatest high school student athletes, as well as many that reside here. Truly, the boys—and girls—were back in town.
HONORING THE CITY LEAGUE LEGENDS—Members of the 1971 and 1966 Schenley State Championship Teams. The City League Hall of Fame Awards ceremony was held Oct. 7 at the August Wilson Center. (Photos by Dayna Delgado)

To be expected, a long night to be sure, with awards going to over 50 Hall of Fame inductees along with both the 1966 and 1971 Schenley City League and State Championship teams. Add to that the recognition and induction of the current City League’s outstanding student athletes into the “Future Stars” Hall of Fame, and you have a historical and unprecedented night of champions.

Everything kicked off with a welcome home bash at the Savoy, granted by owner and Hall of Famer Chuck Sanders via Chuck Sanders Charities, with the event continuing the next night at the historic August Wilson Center where a near-capacity crowd filled the lobby to enjoy the Savoy hors d’oeuvres spread and take a walk down memory lane to the sound of Sly Jock.


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