There is no quit in this Steelers team (Mike Pelaia's Column Dec. 6)

LE’VEON BELL tells Dre Kirkpatrick to get out of his way, as Bell had 182 total yards and a touchdown. (Photo by Courier photographer Thomas Sabol)

I’ve written many things about this Black and Gold team this season, especially after the losses to the Bears and Jags and the poor performances against the Colts and Packers, but the one thing I have learned in the past few weeks; there is no quit in this team.
They may not destroy the teams they are supposed to, they may not play perfectly, they may not even play good football at times, but there is no quit in this team.
The Steelers have found ways to win games on the last play of the game the past two weeks, thanks to huge drives led by their future Hall of Fame quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, their all-world wide receiver, Antonio Brown and their superstar running back, Le’Veon Bell. But one more ‘B’ that needs to be added to the mix of ‘Killer Bs’ is kicker Chis Boswell. As his offense has played with ice water in their veins to drive down the field to set him up, Boswell has stayed cool, calm and collected in the clutch and delivered the winning kick as time expired in consecutive weeks. There just is no quit in this team.
The Steelers left Cincinnati with a “W” but with a lot of bumps, bruises and injuries to overcome as they prepare for the Baltimore Ravens this coming Sunday night. The most important is obviously the injury to Ryan Shazier and one that could leave any team rattled. The Steelers were visibly upset in the immediate aftermath of the injury. Honestly, anyone watching the game had to be upset, I know I was. But the amazing thing that came from it was the resolve the team showed after. To rally from a 17-0 deficit and win the game, on the road, in primetime against a very heated rival proves one main thing, there is no quit in this team.


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