To Tell the Truth…Smartphones and computers are insufficient—We must go back to the ‘3Rs’ (Dec. 6, 2017)


This week’s column is the result of a difference of opinion that resulted when I made the statement, “If we are to stop the destruction that is taking place in our communities, we must go back to yesteryear.”
The instant response from some was, “Have you lost your mind, yesteryear is gone and cannot return.” I asked why? And the answer was, “This is modern times, and we have to focus on electronics, it’s the electronics age, forget going back.”
I am as convinced that we must go back as I am the sun is going to shine tomorrow. It is my absolute conviction that the church and home must be reborn again. The church must instill in the people again that God’s greatest commandment is LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AND THYSELF. The home must reinforce in the family the importance of respect, and responsibility for self and family. How many of you remember when in our neighborhoods we were not just friendly, but friends, we were not just neighborly, but neighbors? We must instill in our families love, not hate. Statistics can be deceiving—sometimes they convey the impression that Black persons overwhelmingly use drugs, and the truth is that only the minority do so. The same applies when you analyze statistics about Black persons being arrested–the overwhelming majority have no criminal record. One of my most used statements about drugs is that overwhelmingly, most Blacks have never seen or used marijuana, cocaine or heroin. It is an established fact that you do not desire to harm those you love.
In my youth, we were taught the importance of the 3Rs, reading, writing and arithmetic. Failure in our home was not acceptable. “Can’t” as a word or life’s action was not acceptable. Between our parents and church, it was instilled in us that we could accomplish anything and everything, and all things were possible. It has always been my contention that education in itself does not solely motivate you to do the right thing, because there has to be something inside a person.
It is mandatory that we ensure that our families are provided the best education possible. We must help the family become a functioning family, where our parents are afforded a decent job that we can provide for our families.
(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a contributor to the New Pittsburgh Courier.)
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