AT THE FINISH LINE…Where Only the Truth Matters  

Truth is . . .Of course Coach Narducci gets the extension.  No-Body, No-Where, No-How expected Pitt to upset Miami.  Quite possibly the greatest upset in Pitt University football history.  Well played boys.  Well played!  On to next year. 


Truth is . . .You may not think it possible, but the Boston Celtics are looking like Eastern Conference NBA champions.  It’s early, but LeBron and the boys are not the same.  Can you say Kyrie Irving? 
Truth is . . .High school and college hoop season is upon us.  A reminder for everyone from coast to coast.  Act like a parent and remember .  . . there’s a reason you never made your high school hoop team.  I am just sayin! 
Truth is . . .This ongoing argument about players playing in different eras needs to come to an immediate stop.  Greatness is greatness.  It’s as simple as that.  Wilt would be unstoppable today as he was then.  Jim Brown will run over, thru and around you just the same.  And trust me on this one, Muhammad Ali is kicking your sorry butt in 2020 the same as he did in 1971.  Take it all to the bank! 
Truth is . . .Here’s the movie lineup you should consider for the holiday: 
#5 – Marshall . . . 4 basketballs 
#4 – LBJ . . . A sleeper, but real good . . . 3 basketballs 
#3 – Bad Christmas Moms . . . I’m sorry, but fun-ney . . . 3 basketballs 
#2 – Justice League . . . 4 basketballs AND 
#1 – Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri . . . Best movie I’ve seen all          year . . . 4½ basketballs 
You Have Just Crossed Over the Finish  Line


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