Christmas, the time for family movies (Merecedes' Movie Review Dec. 20)


Whether you are sitting around the Christmas tree or reclined at the movie theater, the Christmas break is an opportune time for family movies. You can’t watch something inappropriate or racy with grandma in the room, or the kids playing at your feet. So, here are two movies that you can enjoy before the new year.
“Ferdinand,” starring John Cena, Kate McKinnon, Peyton Manning, and Anthony Anderson, is an unordinary tale about a bull (Cena) who refuses to fight despite the pressure to uphold family tradition.
This animated film, which made its debut on Dec. 15, is unlike any other. “Ferdinand” is fresh, colorful, and has some really bold statements. The main character, Ferdinand, remains the hero from beginning to end as he holds his ground as a different kind of bull.

Bulls are labeled aggressive and rough, but “Ferdinand” is polite and friendly. With the bullying epidemic in schools these days, “Ferdinand’ is so important for little ones. It is crucial for young, impressionable minds to know that labels are removable and being a good person is acceptable.
If you are looking for family laughter, another great holiday movie is “Daddy’s Home 2.” Released Nov. 10, this sequel brings two dads back together for an uncomfortable holiday season. The blended, overlapping families of Brad (Will Ferrell) and Dusty (Mark Wahlberg) are under one roof for Christmas, granting their children’s wish.
It’s not better than the original, but “Daddy’s Home 2” is still hilarious. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg work very well together, and they both have a good, warm message about co-parenting and family.
Ferrell is the best half of all the latest comedy duos (if that makes sense). He created a classic comedy alongside John C. Reilly in “Stepbrothers” (2008). In 2015, Kevin Hart was his partner and co-funny man in “Get Hard.” And the “Daddy’s Home” series isn’t the first time the former Saturday Night Live star has been on the big screen with Wahlberg. They both played the goofiest detectives in 2010’s “The Other Guys.”
“Daddy’s Home 2” is delightfully overshadowed by Ferrell’s comedy. His foolish and jovial behavior makes for some really great material. He’s the reason why this film series will continue to make more films.
Both movies are “Movie Scene Queen certified” for a good time and great conversations with your loved ones during this festive winter break.


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