Danville looks to honor racing legend Wendell Scott

Wendell Scott was NASCAR’s first African-American racecar driver, winning the Grand National Series series in 1963. Though this win was his only one, due in part to the constant prejudice he suffered on the track, he remained a steady presence in the sport’s top ten ranking; over 100 times to be exact. Fifteen years after his death, he was admitted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame in 2015. (AP Photo/File)

DANVILLE, Va. (AP) _ The  Danville City Council is set to consider a proposal to put new road signs honoring former local NASCAR driving legend.
The Danville Register & Bee reports that the Wendell Scott Foundation plans to present a petition to city officials Tuesday at a meeting on new highway signs.
Wendell Scott, who died in 1990, was the first African-American driver to be elected to the NASCAR Hall of Fame.
The foundation wants new signs honoring Scott on roads leading into the city. The city has previously named a street in his honor.


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