The worst call of the year, possibly the worst call in Steeler history! (Dec. 20, 2017)


:10—Coming to you live, “Fast and Furious” moments after the worst call of the year and quite possibly the worst call in Steeler history, and I’ve seen a lot of football since 1968. So let’s get after it. The truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you Roger Goodell!
:09—Look, I know we have to talk about the call and we will and it is the #1 issue, but the #2 thing is this…YOU – MUST – STOP – GRONKOWSKI! Somehow you have to put this terminator in check. Now you truly see and feel the loss of Ryan Shazier. No defense can allow one man to shred them the way Gronkowski did. (Unless of course it’s Antonio Brown…I’m just saying.) All I can tell ya is go get Jack Lambert, dust him off and put the nasty on Gronk! By the way, why wasn’t Gronkowski flagged for taunting after his touchdown catch? He clearly stood over the defender and pointed at him in an unsportsmanlike motion.
:08—Now back to the call. By now you’ve heard that you don’t have to go looking for the refs, they were just applying the rule. The problem is, the rule is wrong. Remember, “The smartest guy in the room is not always the smartest guy in the room!” It’s a terrible rule. No logic and not consistent and kind of sidesteps common sense. #1–The ball was caught. #2 –He had control. #3–He turned and made a football move. #4–The ball crossed the goal line. #5–After that, game over. C’mon man.
:07—Great showing and continued blessings to the championship spirit presented by Ryan Shazier. That could not have been easy for him. Truly, his presence in the suite at Heinz Field was remarkable.
:06—At the end of the day, in spite of the “one man wrecking crew…rock!” (Rocky Three for those of you not paying attention.) The defense played well, except for those two minutes and 80 yards, and I like the man-to-man. It shows heart and confidence. They still need Cam Heyward and the boys to apply a little more pressure next time around. And there will be a next time…that you can take to the bank! Two sacks on Brady counts big time. Don’t get me wrong, but we’ve got to “start building some hurting bombs…good ole fashion blunt force trauma!” (Rocky Six. Gotcha again.)
:05—I have to take a moment and put a longtime family friend and big time “Overtime” reader “In the Locker Room.” Little John – the master contractor…assume the position. You’re now in.
:04—Here’s a couple things that weren’t in and not in any order. #1–Why didn’t they go to Martavis on the last play? Good Lord, the man’s 6’5”, 210 and just made a Randy Moss catch earlier in the game. #2–More plays to “JuJu” . . . duh! #3—Spike the ball in that situation. Give yourself some options, one of which is a field goal and overtime.
:03—I may be the only cat that thinks this way, but if it’s me, I keep giving the ball to Bell on the outside runs. They work time and time again, and time and time again they go away from it. I’m just saying.
:02—You all missed it because of the interception, but there should have been a flag thrown for interference against Eli Rogers. Clearly over the back.
:01—Of course, of course, yeah man…the biggest hurt of the night was the loss of Antonio Brown. Yes, we have other weapons and they proved to be true, but you can’t replace the threat he presents and the double team he commands.
:00—But I stand by my opening call day one, the Steelers go to the Super Bowl and win. They will let this loss fuel their “must do” and get it done. Right here…Right now…Today…The Steeler way!!!
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