To Tell The Truth …Thanks to all of you, and Merry Christmas (Dec. 20, 2017)


I want to thank a multitude of persons in this week’s column, beginning with those of you who buy and read the New Pittsburgh Courier. I would also like to thank those of you who were responsible for my receiving the Legacy Award at the 2017 Men of Excellence Awards, Dec. 13 at the Fairmont Pittsburgh hotel. It was truly a blessing. It was an unbelievable feeling to be in a room of wall-to-wall positive Black men. Yes, it was a repudiation of those negative portrayals of Black men that we are subjected to daily.
Chris Moore, Pittsburgh’s most abled commentator, was a dynamic master of ceremony for the event…and he was in rare form. As I stood in front of the microphone, I could hear Mal Goode’s voice saying, “When a Black person is accused of committing a negative action, the daily media will have you on the front page.” However, “When Black persons are recognized for performing of positive actions they will be on the front page of the Pittsburgh Courier.”
My personal comments once again focused on the importance of telling the truth by reminding the audience about love for and the importance of family. My comments were not new to persons who have known me over the course of my life, they hear it every day. I spoke about daddy and the strength that we as Black men must demonstrate when it comes to the families. The fathers of my generation did not have subsidized rent, payment of utility bills, affirmative action benefits, none of the opportunities that we are afforded today. However, those strong Black men of yesteryear had love for their God, families, neighbors and often they had little, but expanded it to help a lot of persons; that’s what love can do.
Yes, this week’s column is brief, but it’s full of love. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL.
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