‘Tis the season to remain woke

Despite the best and dogged efforts of Congress and president, everyday Americans, enraged that their healthcare would be taken away or used as bargaining chip to make the math work for the GOP’s tax reform bill, rallied, flooded phone lines and protested in congressional offices to keep the Trump administration from dismantling the Affordable Care Act. Trump’s travel bans consistently met with immediate resistance. Thousands gathered at airports around the country to protest the ban’s obvious unfairness, and courts of law continue to legally challenge the ban. Today, the third iteration of the ban has been allowed to go into effect by the Supreme Court, but the legal challenges remain alive and well.
We cannot—and must not—lose our momentum.
The National Urban League will remain at the forefront of the battle to protect our hard-fought-for rights and progress. Especially now, when the all-out assault on American ideals and values is the norm, you can become a key part of our mission-driven work by getting involved, volunteering, or supporting our movement.  You have a critical role to play in the resistance and should never doubt or become complacent about the power of your call, your vote, your signature, or your voice. Give yourself and our nation the gift that keeps giving pass the next critical election, past the next protest, and past the current administration: your indispensible engagement.
Merry Christmas—and stay woke.
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