To Tell The Truth …What I should be doing, besides talking! (Jan. 3)


Do you recall when Chris Moore was broadcasting for WCXJ, the Black-owned radio station in Homewood?
Over a period of time a number of Black callers grew to perceive themselves as voices for Black communities. Since Chris Moore is presently on KDKA-AM 1020, these voices overwhelmingly have transferred their knowledge to Chris’ current program and their knowledge has increased. They now have the answers to nationwide problems, national problems and even international problems. On Dec. 28, 2017, I was listening to Chris, and not surprisingly, a number of familiar voices called him, I hear these voices almost daily on talk programs. They generally have not only criticisms, but solutions to tax situations, national and international policies and what I consider to be an overwhelming concern about that which they can’t change, and too little, if any, emphasis on those things they might be able to change.
I remember during the last presidential election, these experts overwhelmingly went to great lengths to explain why Hillary would get elected. After the election, they then began to explain why and how she lost. They then would have us believe that President Donald Trump created RACISM. These voices would have us forget that here in Pittsburgh, Blacks were denied access to public accommodations such as hotels, swimming pools, skating rinks, jobs (public and private), burial in cemeteries, unions, etc. All of these incidents and a multitude of others took place before President Trump was born. A number of these voices would have us believe that one political party loves Blacks and the other does not care. How can they explain the disparities that exist in Pittsburgh, where one political party has controlled the city for 80 consecutive years?
These so-called, well-informed persons, who profess to be so knowledgeable, would do Blacks more of a service if they focused on local problems. These persons impede our progress; they should travel through Lawrenceville, South Side, East Side, and become involved in a program where we could duplicate what can occur with TAX DOLLARS. East Liberty, Hill District, and Homewood need tremendous help. I lived during the days of Wylie Avenue when it was lit up with businesses from Downtown to Herron Avenue. A tremendous number were Black-owned, starting with Nelson’s Garage, Downtown.
Aesop, the Persian Poet, once said: “If a people go through life with our hands outstretched and palms facing upward, they will always be perceived as beggars.”
(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a contributor to the New Pittsburgh Courier.)
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