Field Negro…A 2018 wish list


field negro

Here are ten things that I hope will happen in 2018.
1. Robert Mueller’s investigation will come to a meaningful conclusion.
2. Reality television shows will start getting lower ratings.
3. Vinyl records will come all the way back.
4. Emayatzy Corinealdi will make a movie.
5. The rate of gun violence in our cities will go down.
6. Folks in middle and suburban America will stop killing members of their families before taking their own lives.
7. All those so called Christians who live in Red States America will start looking in the mirror.
8. The president of the United States will get some serious psychiatric help. (You are taking credit because we had no domestic plane crashes over the past few years? Seriously?!)
9. Every elected representative in Washington (both democrat and republican) who is over 70 years old steps down.
10. A trump family perp walk.


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