My favorite things for now (Jan. 10, 2018)


My dream is to have a big event and give away my favorite things to all of the guests, kind of like a SWAG (stuff we all get) bag. Dreams do come true, who knows, the event may happen sooner than I think.
In the meantime I was thinking about my list of favorite things and how it has not changed much since I first wrote it. I’m glad the things that I still like so much are still around. Topping my list is Creamy Vaseline. I use this product on my hands and body. If my purse is big enough I always have a tube in my purse. You cannot find this product everywhere and when I go into some stores they have no idea what I am talking about. What I love most about Creamy Vaseline is it’s fragrance free. I don’t like hand lotion with fragrance because in most cases, with fragrance comes alcohol and alcohol dries your skin. I need to write a letter to Unilever and tell them to place this product in more stores. Another on the favorites list is flavored decaf coffee. Rarely do I drink high test coffee; it makes me so jittery. When I can find flavored decaf coffee I am so happy. Coffee manufacturers should realize that not everyone can have caffeine.


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