Pittsburgh, can you say…James Harrison?!?! (Jan. 17)


:10—I would be flat out lying to you if I told you I saw this coming. No one saw this coming. But you and I both know a few things… #1-You can’t poke the bear too much. Too much mouthing off this week about what they were going to do. #2-Players don’t care about cold weather. #3-When your coach is thinking New England…Yep, his players are also thinking New England. #4-Turnovers are sometimes earned, not given. #5-Is this the curse of James Harrison? C’mon, you were thinking it. You just wanted me to say it!
:09—Speaking of which…I was gonna give you a whole lot of James Harrison stuff, but now it just doesn’t matter. But I’ll say this since I’ve been absent a few weeks. They did him wrong and they should have told him he wasn’t going to play out the gate. He is not a normal 39-year-old man. Clearly that was no way to treat a legend. (I’m done with it!)
:08—I gotta say this… When Martavis Bryant scored on that 4th-and-11 at the 50, I said, “Now We Got a Party!” I was thinking comeback…
:07—As usual, no, I can’t tell you where I’m at, but here’s a hint…It’s so cold here, I saw the devil with a hoodie and long underwear on!!!
:06—I still don’t get you so-called Pitt and Duquesne alumni. Where in the world are you? First of all, it’s good basketball…period. Second, the team needs you more when they’re losing. And last, I know for a fact you have nothing better to do. No you don’t…No-you-do-not…Oh please, stop. You and I both know the truth. You’re a sellout. Yea, I said it! Now what?
:05—Your Pittsburgh Pirates traded Gerrit Cole to the Houston Astros, yet again making another Pirate pitcher a happy man. I am just sayin’…then two days ago they trade Andrew McCutchen to the San Francisco Giants! What the…!!!
:04—Eighth-ranked Texas Tech has three key takeaways against No. 2 West Virginia in the 72-71 upset win this past weekend, but as you well know, we don’t care about no stinkin’ West Virginia!
:03—But we do care about the Penn Hills Indians, don’t we? Yes-We-Do! So how bout that win over Woodland Hills this past weekend…Hoo-rah! Penn Hills 68, Woody High 60.
:02—Do yourself a favor and do what I tell ya. These movies in this order. #1-Molly’s Game. #2-The Darkest Hour. #3-All the Money in the World. Trust me on this. They’re all four basketball movies. Shut up and just do it!
:01—Proud and privileged to tell you that yours truly will be inducted into the Western PA Pittsburgh Basketball Club Hall of Fame Saturday, Feb. 3 at Chartiers Country Club. Truly an honor. Call if you want to go. 412-628-4856.
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