Clay Moorefield: A trainer who helps with the body, and the mind

PUSHING THROUGH—Clay Moorefield works out before training sessions at Club Elevation. (Photo by Diane I. Daniels)

Clay Moorefield, International Fitness Professionals Association Certified Trainer and nutritionist, is very busy this time of year.
He’s used to the January influx of goal-setters, those who have made those New Year’s Resolutions to get fit and eat healthy.
He’s the co-owner of Club Elevation with Owen Macklin, 201 North Braddock Ave. in North Point Breeze. They focus on assisting their clients in meeting their weight loss and fitness goals.
Aiming to change lives externally and internally, Moorefield, since 2013, has operated G.O.A.L.S Oriented Training LLC. Macklin is also the owner of Burghlarfit. Together, they aim to help people go from one physical goal in their life to the next.
Knowing as the year progresses that a high percentage of people who vowed to lose weight or stay fit will fall of the wagon, Moorefield says it’s OK, that the important thing is that it’s never too late to start the fitness regimen again. “It’s all in the attitude. But it is important to be serious, dedicated and patient,” he said.
His suggestions for a novice once obtaining a physical is to begin incorporating physical activity in their day. Highly suggesting consulting with a physical fitness trainer to assure that exercises are conducted properly, Moorefield advises to start at a beginner’s level to let the body adapt to the process and to incorporate proper eating habits.
Ardine Roach and Tami Macon testify that Moorefield’s strategies work. In 2013 they and a few friends decided to make changes to their physical appearance and began working out with Moorefield. The group of women received way more than they expected. “The transformation our group wanted became a life-changing experience,” said Roach. “I always called myself working out but not until I started working with Clay did I really workout! Our original goals were to look good but we received so much more. He worked us hard, held us accountable, and taught us how to live healthy lives all while showing everyday how much he cared about each of us.”
“At G.O.A.L.S. Oriented Training you are treated like more than just a client. You feel like family,” said Macon. “Clay is way more than a personal and fitness trainer. He designs individualized meal plans that fit your specific weight loss goals, often adjusts your workout plan when you fear you have hit your plateau and provides group chat sessions or individual listening sessions to address problems and concerns you have with the program. He is an extremely caring and knowledgeable trainer that holds you accountable to ensure that you achieve the best results possible.”
Moorfield, 40, is a Hazelwood native, the 10th of 12 children, and father of a 21- and 16-year-old. He’s experienced a colorful life. Leaning on academics and athletics to lead him through his educational years, he used basketball, track, and gymnastics as his preferred sports. Attending Central State University in Ohio for a brief period, he pursued a degree in Business Administration and Management, realizing that it wasn’t for him. Falling into what he classifies as “living a negative lifestyle” and getting involved with criminal activities, Morefield said he was imprisoned for 11 years. Not letting the circumstance dictate his destiny, he said, “I used the time to reflect, without my distorted perception, on my life and life choices. Due to my love for science, math, athletics, and helping others, I pursued a certification in personal training while housed at the State Correctional Facility of Loretto and absolutely loved it.”
Now, his time is devoted to helping people live healthy lives.
Moorfield’s love for the cultivation of youth pushed him to develop numerous programs for the youth, and work as a gym/health teacher at Shuman Center. The Career and Fitness Day programs consisted of different career talks, outlining educational paths he and the speakers took to get to where they are in their careers. He also designed an Artful Athletics program that required parents and child involvement in painting portraits.
Since operating G.O.A.L.S. Oriented Training,
Moorefield has been involved in designing weight training for weight loss programs, strength and conditioning programs for athletes, principles behind aerobic trainings and optimal sports nutrition programs. He served as the trainer and routine designer of a Highmark year-long training program for families at St. James Church in Penn Hills and the Kingsley Center, trainer and routine designer for a 60-day weight loss challenge by UPMC with Central Baptist Church in the Hill District, and trainer and routine designer for a Biggest Loser Competition at Mt. Ararat Baptist Church in East Liberty sponsored by Highmark. Moorefield also has been participating in nationally-qualified bodybuilding competitions.
A lover of people and life, Morefield says, “Training gives me the opportunity to change lives externally and internally. I hope to live and lead by example to show others that no matter what choices we make in life, there’s a chance if you’re willing to want to change yourself. The body can do amazing things, it’s the mind we must convince. Once we cleanse our hearts, and purify our thought process, the sky’s the limit.”
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