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How often have you wanted to order some of the beautiful outfits that you have seen on Facebook? You know those real fly looks from sites that all seem to end with the word “we.” I just looked at some beautiful outfits and I asked myself, “Should I take a chance and order one?” I then came back to my senses and decided to read the reviews. The majority of the reviews were horrible. One simply said, “run,” others told stories of how they had ordered merchandise in December and still have not received their order. Ladies who did get their orders did not recognize the outfit as it was so different than what they saw in the picture. Some mentioned the difficulty they had in trying to return the merchandise.
I have my own story to repeat. Yes, I know I told you this once before, but for new readers or those who might have a memory lapse, here is my experience. I ordered three outfits from a site that I was introduced to via Facebook. I ordered a beautiful strapless red dress, a white off the shoulder jumpsuit and a grey maxi dress. All three garments arrived in one mailing envelope that was about 12 by 12. The package was bursting at the seams. For some reason I did not open it right away, but when I did I was shocked and appalled. I tried each outfit on and could not believe what I was seeing in the mirror. The jumpsuit was so sheer that I would not be able to wear it outside and the pants legs were high water. The red dress that I was so excited about had a high low hem but the back of the hem was so long it hit the floor; the dress did not have any stays to keep it up without straps. It was a hot mess. The maxi dress was a funny material that I had never seen before. I was grossly disappointed and threw the outfits into a corner. Once I got my courage back I looked at the receipt that came with the package and found that I only had 3 days to return the junk. Needless to say the three days had passed. “I was stuck like chuck.”
Why didn’t I read the reviews before I placed my order? So, I am begging that you will learn from my misfortune, read the reviews twice or three times and learn to recognize when a review has been written by the merchant. Often the English language is butchered and the review is always glowing. I had to update my security on my laptop recently and I was given two products to select from. Before I made my selection I read the reviews and then called the company that I purchased the laptop from. They recommended the security system with the better reviews so we were on the same page. Bottom line…be a smart shopper and read the reviews before you checkout.
Congratulations to my first book winner, Bisrat Birru!
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