Patriots will beat Philly, and dads…there’s a reason all you played was checkers! (Jan. 24)


:10—Look, I know you had a Patriots comeback win…again! And I know you had the Philly Dog kickin’ butt against Minnesota, but stop what you’re doing. Hold up. Wait-a-minute. Go see “12 Strong” for the movie ride of your life. That’s all I’m going to tell ya, but you’ll call me and thank me. 4 1/2 basketballs!!! (No, not quite five, but it’s not the Godfather, Casino, The Magnificent Seven or the Outlaw Josey Wales now is it?)
:09—You can hate Tom Brady and the boys all you want, but the truth of the matter is they’re good. Damn good. And they know it. What they’ve done and what they did to the Jags in the 24-20 win this past Sunday in the AFC championship game was not luck. It’s talent, skill, coaching and a “Never say die” mentality that they roll with. Kinda reminds you of another team doesn’t it? That’s right. Your Pittsburgh Steelers’ dynasty of the ‘70s. Bam!!!
:08—While we’re here, I’ve got the Pats winning the Super Bowl in a light up night, 38-27.

:07—I know you don’t want to hear it from me yet again, but the truth will set you free. James Harrison was done wrong and he continues to make a difference. Can–You–Say–Karma–Baby?!?!?
:06—Nobody, and I mean No-Bod-Y saw that whuppin’ the Eagles put on the Vikings, 38-7. That’s an ole school back alley I told ya I was gonna get you thumpin!
:05—I know you’re probably still upset about the Pirates trading McCutchen and Cole for almost nothin’, but you’re not going to do anything about it. Oh yeah, you’ll cry about it for a while and then you’ll go to your usual 10 games a summer, eat your wings and drink your beer cause…they own you like that.
:04—Say there Philadelphia Eagles, if you think the NFL brass is going to let superstar tight end Rob Gronkowski miss the Super Bowl over an assumed concussion…Well – Little – Johnny – Somebody – Then – Told – You – Wrong.
:03—Get ready to get ready. The brand new Champions Live Sports Talk Show, starring yours truly, and Aliquippa native and Pittsburgh entrepreneur Kevin Cameron, is coming your way next week. I’ll give you more details later.
:02—Very shortly our high school basketball playoffs will start. Let’s remember to do all the right things. Respect the game and everyone involved. And most importantly dad, remember there’s a reason you never played anything but checkers! I’m just sayin’.
:01—See, you all! Let the scores fool you. Trust me when I tell you the Pitt men’s basketball team plays harder than the final outcome suggests. They don’t quit and they fight to the end. But it is the ACC and remember… no horse ever won the Kentucky Derby that couldn’t run!!!
:00—Has anybody seen or heard from O.J.? I’m really starting to get worried.
:00:00—Happy Birthday to the Godfather of Donora, aka “Popeye.” He turned 76 in style and still standing tall. Cowboy hat and all.
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