‘Black Panther’—Best Marvel movie ever (Feb. 21)

Let’s get straight to the point: “Black Panther” is the best Marvel movie to date.
The cast, special effects, fight scenes, and storyline makes for an enjoyable cinematic experience.
An all-star, all-Black cast with a Black director is enough for me to go to the box office. The star-studded company includes Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Danai Gurira, Lupita N’yongo, Forest Whitaker, Angela Bassett, and Sterling K. Brown. You could have picked any two of those people and I would have still watched the movie, and probably loved it.
It’s just so much talent on the big screen. The cast’s performance is Black Lives Matter, Black Girl Magic, and Black Boy Joy wrapped up in one enormous present.
Director Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan team up for their third theatrical release. “Fruitvale Station” (2013) was riveting. “Creed” (2015) was intense. And now, “Black Panther”…simply a perfect combination. A winning combination. After Marvel had some difficulty finding a director, the quality and success of this film should solidify Coogler’s directing ability.
I hope Marvel Studios recognizes the stardom power in the entire cast, especially Chadwick Boseman. Now, after this film, his salary should be similar to the likes of Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), and any other leading Marvel actor. Boseman possesses a timeless craft that is vivacious, influential, and skilled in “Black Panther.”
Already making Marvel history, “Black Panther” is everything I could have asked for this Black History Month and more. Despite its fictional storyline, “Black Panther” is the realest, most relevant film this year. So much of the movie’s fictitious tale can be familiar to so many African Americans.
“Black Panther” is the only time I’ll condone Black-on-Black violence. Watching Boseman and Jordan fight is worth the wait. In all seriousness, these same combat scenes are truly symbolic because we are fighting people who look just like us. Whether it be family or friends, sometimes the fight is from within.
You can’t find Wakanda on a map, but its diplomatic affairs and preservation efforts are synonymous to countries with an actual geographical location. Even some Black businesses and communities in this country, including myself, are forced to hide essential resources and/or successes, just so someone won’t steal them.
There are so many lessons to be learned from watching “Black Panther.” If you have the opportunity, when you go to see “Black Panther,” please take a young person with you. The movie is a learning opportunity and conversational piece for all ages.
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