‘Marvel’…at the success of ‘Black Panther!’ (Feb. 28)


:10—Never you mind about “Overtime” and sports. This is way more important. This is about that sport called life!
:09—To be brutally honest with you, we shouldn’t be surprised at the success of this record-setting movie, “Black Panther.” No. 1, an all-star cast. No. 2, the same guy that played Jackie Robinson and James Brown is playing the Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman)….“Get on Up!” No. 3, you know how we do!
:08—Lest you forget, let’s be reminded it was just a few months ago that Whoopi, Viola Davis, Will & Jada Smith and other Hollywood royalties were shouting loud and proud for the industry to give African Americans an opportunity with better parts and specific scripts. See what happens. Now everybody makes more money, more money, more money!
:07—Black Directory…Ryan Coogler, great script, good storyline, the Marvel machine and an all-star cast with Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Letitia Wright and Tessa Thompson among others. It was destined to be slam dunk! (OK, there’s your sports talk. Now shut up about it.)
:06—And they kept dropping the “F” bombs on ya! You know, the F-A-C-T bombs. The strong should help the weak, where civilization began, the importance of family, the need for honor and sacrifice for the greater good. Those bombs.
:05—If you’re staring down a long spear in the hands of a Black woman and you question her love for you over her love for her king and country and her answer is, and I quote, “Yes, I will kill you in a heartbeat!”…that’s a message about a strong Black woman to be sure. And the message was delivered often and magnificently throughout the entire movie.
:04—Of course I am proud of my people across the U.S. coming out loud, proud and in technicolor to support the movie, but if you are of the same wishful thinking my good friend Ernie Bey is, that it may ignite a renewed and powerful sense of pride and community and brotherhood, well, my brothers and sisters, I hate to be a dull knife here, but…I give that wishful thinking two weeks. Maybe three, tops. And we’re back to the world. (Hey, if I don’t tell you the truth, who will?)
:03—Tell me I am not the only one that was thinking the rocky music would kick in and Michael B. Jordan was going to beat Boseman in the death match!?!? I am just saying.
:02—Hold up a minute. Let’s be honest. It’s not like the movie was perfect. Here are a few negatives. Just so we have something to shoot for in the sequel. No. 1, the spaceship was too Trekkie. No. 2, I could have done without the mechanical rhinos, and No. 3, a big mistake at the end when the spaceship landed in the playground at the end and the kids said, “let’s strip it and sell the parts”…stereotypical thought and comment!!! Other than that, I am good.
:01—Now if we can just get all the grown folks that went to see the movie to vote in the next presidential election…
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