Give Pitt grad Sean Miller the benefit of the doubt! (March 7)


:10—Straight out the gate, this is going to be biased, one-sided and coming at you high, not low. I’ve known Arizona basketball head coach Sean Miller a very long time, a very long time. From the time he was amazing capacity crowds at halftime of Pitt hoop games, I’ve had the pleasure of being at basketball camps with his dad, John, aka the Wizard of Western PA! Not a better man, a family man, and a local basketball icon to be sure. Right now I am taking the high road and until further notice, I’m taking Sean’s word. He said he’s innocent of all charges. Last time I checked, it was “innocent until proven guilty.” Hail to Pitt! (If anything changes, I’ll get back to ya!)
:09—Speaking of Pitt…and capacity crowds…you may not remember this, Junior, but there was a time that if you didn’t have a ticket to a Pitt basketball game a week in advance, you’d have to hear about it on the 11 o’clock news. Larry Harris, Clyde Vaughn, Kirk Bruce, Buzzy Harrison, Sam Clancy, Ahmad Shareef, Jerome Lane, Keith Starr, Tommy Richardson, Darrin Morningstar…on and on and on. Talk about glory days!
:08—Still with Pitt. I don’t know what they’re going to do. Man, it is the proverbial rock and a hard place. If they fire coach Kevin Stallings, it’s back to the drawing board again. New recruits, get rid of the current players not needed, find a difference-maker! If they keep him, it’s going to be another tough year to be sure. And the real bottom line here is, well, the bottom line. Getting people in the seats.
:07—OK. Pretend like someone else is saying this. Because when I say it, you don’t hear me anymore. “No pitching…no peace!” The “I’m sorry” Pittsburgh Pirates are coming north with average-to-good pitchers. But if you truly hope to win the pennant and the World Series, you have to have above-average-to-great pitchers. Now you do the math.
:06—Yea, Tiger’s back on the prowl and starting to raise some eyebrows. And I stand pat with my longtime call. Tiger Woods will win another major…maybe two. And that you can take to the bank!
:05—With the exception of the Clairton/Monessen game, you parents have held up real good under the pressure. You let the kids play ball while you played parents. Well played.
:04—Speaking of which, a tip of the cap to Coach Odell Miller for a great job he’s done with the Woodland Hills Wildcats hoop team. Stellar performance and class. And yes, Tremon Josey and Naszhir Taylor are very valuable parts to the Woody High machine. However, the obvious has to be stated. Amante Britt is a special player. He can score in a multitude of ways, and often, and seems to have a non-stop motor. And Keandre Bowles is clearly one of the most complete players in the WPIAL. College coaches love a player like him who can do a lot of things well. (And for the record, anyone that knows me as a player, coach or scout knows I never use the word “cheat” on the back end of a loss…but hear this. Woodland Hills got “jobbed” in the Pine-Richland game last week. I was there. Now you can call it what you want, same difference!)
:03—Where in the world is O.J. Simpson? C’mon, man!
:02—Want to have a good time and silly fun? Go see “Game Night.” Man it’s Fun-Nee, I’m telling you. Only three basketballs on the board, but a really good movie.
:01—A proud and hearty salute and farewell to John Brewer. The man that kept the Homewood Coliseum alive and made sure we all knew our Pittsburgh Black history better.
:00—At the buzzer…get ready for the reunion and salute to the Pittsburgh Pipers ABA 1968 Championship Team, and the greatest player on the planet at that time, the late, great Connie “The Hawk” Hawkins, Friday, May 4! It’s the Welcome Home Reunion at the Savoy, 6 p.m. until…then, Saturday, May 5, the Reunion Banquet at the Marriott Hotel, next to PPG Paints Arena, 6 to 10 p.m. “The champs are coming…the champs are coming!”
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